adrienne-howard_x290Growing up in a musical family that emphasized folk and classical performance, Adrienne Howard began playing box and sponge violin at the ripe old age of three. Since then, her musical spectrum has expanded to the fiddle, mandolin and hurdy-gurdy.

On fiddle and mandolin Adrienne alternates between Irish, French Canadian, Breton and Old-Time traditions. As a hurdy-gurdy player, she is particularly excited by the repertoire of central France, and by the integration of the hurdy-gurdy into other musical traditions, such as Old-Time and Breton.

Adrienne has attended many workshops, music camps, and sessions (traditional musical get-togethers in relaxed settings) held in West Virginia, Vermont, Indiana, Quebec, Ireland, and Brittany (France). Her goal in each case has been to immerse herself in a traditional style as taught by its masters. She has learned from visiting artists as well. Adrienne began getting her feet wet in the local Irish music scene upon moving to Massachusetts in 2001. She has led many sessions on the North Shore and has performed at the Boston Celtic Music Festival.


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